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TU North

DELFT | TU-wijk

Number of dwellings : 332

About this project

DUWO, the Municipality of Delft and Delft University of Technology are working on a number of projects in the TU North area. These include a campus with an International Student House, 379 student accommodations at the Professor Schermerhornstraat and Kanaalweg and a park. Also, the monumental building at Kanaalweg 3A (previously known as 2B) will be renovated by DUWO. The creation of these student accommodations fits the collective ambition to build 5000 student houses before 2023.

Student accommodations
In the new International Student House at the Professor Schermerhornstraat, 332 student accommodations with communal kitchen and private bathroom will be built, specifically for international students who will study here for the maximum of one year. In the building of Kanaalweg 3A, 47 student accommodations will be built. The International Student House will be a cluster of student accommodations and amenities aimed at the international student. For example a grand café or other student related amenities like a place for international student associations.

The park will be a large green area with recreational value and a water storage function with eco-friendly water edges. The park will be built behind Kanaalweg 4, the current office of DUWO. Apart from having recreational value, the park also functions as water storage location. Rain from neighbourhood areas is collected here. The water storage will also function as buffer in case of large rainfall. The special design of the park, with dry and wet areas, gives it great ecological value.

Besides these developments, amenities with a social aspect to them will be realised on campus. In this way, a dynamic liveliness is created at the campus also outside office hours.



  • Quarter TU-wijk
  • City DELFT


  • Dwelling Type Studentenwoningen
  • Number of dwellings 332
  • Target group Studenten


  • Start build 2016-2017
  • Date of completion 2023
  • Parties

  • Projectsupervisor Buro Lubbers
  • Owner DUWO
  • Location on map