Rode Kruisgebouw

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Easy living without luxury facilities, but at a top location in The Hague with low rent! Does this appeal to you? If so you may be interested in a room in the former Red Cross building, which will be let to students in the context of the Vacant Property Act untill halfway through 2025.


The units

The student rooms and studio that are realised in the Red Cross Building are intended for temporary rental untill 2025. That’s why they have minimal facilities. In the conversion of an office to student homes, investment was mainly being done in the common kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, the infrastructure and the (fire) safety).

DUWO was building the property at the request of the municipality of The Hague. In doing so, the city has in short time another 95 student homes. Because the building cannot be let for more than a couple year, it wasn't fully renovated. The former office spaces were split up into student rooms and a studio. The current floors, walls and ceilings will remain as they are. If this doesn’t scare you off and you enjoy a painting challenge, you can make your own fine living space here! In return for this, you will have a pleasant rental price...

The surroundings

The location of the Red Cross Building, at Leeghwaterplein 27-31 in The Hague, is so central that it is a dream location to live for nearly all students in The Hague.After all, the Hague University of Applied Sciences, public transport and the covered Megastores shopping centre can all be found within walking distance.

Contract and rental prices

Are you a full-time student in the Haaglanden, Delft of Leiden regions? Then you can let a room or studio here.

We let the rooms and studio with a contract on the basis of the Vacant Property Act, where campus provisions also apply. This means that an end date is included in the contract. The end date is only extended if the Vacant Property Act permit is extended.

For the time being, the end date is set to 30 April 2025.

The amount of the rent, on the other hand, is very attractive. The rooms and studio are significantly discounted with respect to the maximum rent. The exact rental prices will be posted on this page soon.


You can find the housing supply in the Red Cross building on and read more about the size of the rooms and the exact rental prices.




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