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About this project

DUWO is going to build student and youth housing in the future Sluisbuurt area in Amsterdam. The plan is still in full development. But we can already tell you something about it. It concerns two buildings with units for students and young people. The exact distribution of these groups is not yet known. Students and young people will live on separate floors. Just as in some of the other DUWO complexes, the common facilities will have a strong focus on meetings and interactions among residents. 

The units

Most of the 800 homes are independent (with a private front door, kitchen, bathroom and toilet). Because the plan is still under development, the area of the units is not yet known.


General spaces and facilities as well as commercial or public commercial spaces on the ground floor will provide the necessary liveliness.

The surroundings

The units will be located in the brand-new Amsterdam district of Sluisbuurt, which is being built at the head of Zeeburgereiland. The new Inholland University of Applied Sciences construction will be realised nearby.

The district itself consists of three parts. The heart of the district will be formed by the water basin, surrounded by a walking area and a square with shops, cafés, restaurants, the Inholland University of Applied Sciences and facilities for the neighbourhood. You will soon be able to walk on the dikes near Sluispark and have a view of the IJ River. The public space in the Sluisbuurt complex is generally organised around walking, cycling and exercising. And when the sun is shining, you can always enjoy yourself as the pavements on the sunny side will be made more spacious.

In any case, the Sluisbuurt complex will be accessible via the IJ tram and a future bicycle connection in the direction of the centre. In the coming years, the number of public transport connections will be further expanded, as will the accessibility by car and bicycle. From the new student and youth complexes, the IJ tram line 26 runs to Amsterdam Central Station in ten minutes. You can also walk to the cosy Indische neighbourhood in ten minutes.  


The Sluisbuurt neighbourhood will be a unique district in which a great deal of attention is given to sustainability, nature and ecology.All buildings will have to satisfy strict sustainability requirements and possible future reuse is already taken into consideration during construction. The building will also receive nest boxes for birds and/or green walls and roofs to combat heat stress. In general, there will be a lot of greenery in the district. The construction will ensure that the district will soon be able to withstand extreme rain showers to the greatest possible extent. Streets that are nearly car free also contribute to a pleasant housing and living environment.

Heating and waste disposal are done in an extremely sustainable manner. There will be an underground system for waste transport. The district will have no natural gas connections, but will be connected to city heat from the Eastern Docklands, which will provide hot water and residual heating for your home.   

Design and construction

The design of the student and youth housing is to be carried out by MEI Architects. It is not yet known who the builder will be, but the expectation is that the commissioning will take place in late 2022 / early 2023. 

Contract and rental prices

The rental prices of the residences are also not yet known. You will be able to find them hereas soon as they are available. The student homes will, in any case, be let with the familiar campus contract.


It is not yet possible to inquire about these units. Two months before completion, the student homes will be offered on the ROOM offer platform. It is not yet known how the housing for young people will be offered.




  • Dwelling Type Studentenwoningen
  • Number of dwellings 800