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Science Park 619-816


  • Street Science Park
  • Postalcode 1098 XH
  • Description Spark Village is a residential complex for young people located within the Science Park in Amsterdam. The complex has 240 accommodation units. One hundred and twenty of them are rented to young people with a residence permit; 80 to students, and 40 to young people in employment between 18 and 27 years of age. Together we're building a community. We have modified our tenancy acceptance procedure because we attach a lot of importance to forming a successful community. Initially you are selected according to your registration period with ROOM. This is followed by additional criteria that determine whether you are eligible for accommodation.The accommodation units for people with a residence permit and young people in employment are rented via Rochdale. Part of the procedure is that you write a cover letter after you have registered for a property on Spark Village via ROOM. Information about what to put in the letter and where to send it will be provided after the registration period has expired. You will then be invited to a hospice meeting with a group of involved residents of Spark Village. Together you will see if you fit into the Community of Spark Village and what contribution you will make. If we've concluded that you fit into the community, you'll be on a waiting list. So it may still be some time before we have a property available for you. Please note that we will share your name, phone number, address and the contents of your cover letter with spark village's hospice committee.You build a community together in which you can learn from others, and you are also expected to make a contribution.We provide homes for 240 people in Spark Village. Together as a community, you ensure that everybody living there feels at home. We do this by paying attention to three essential values:ú Consideration for othersú Opennessú Social responsibilityA community is created by people. We expect you to become involved each week for at least one hour by way of attending meetings and/or organizing activities for the community. Choose what suits you best. Do you have a green thumb? Help draw up plans for the vegetable garden! Do you like team sports? Organize a training camp with your neighbours! Would you like to learn another language? Find a neighbour who can help you out! Or find the entrepreneurs in Science Park and become part of a start-up. Together, you and your neighbours decide what happens in Spark Village.

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