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Five tips for a nice studyplace at home

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How does your student room become a comfortable studyplace? Delfta, the journalistic medium of the TU Delft, gives you some tips.

After this long winter at home, everyone wants to attend lessons like they used to and study together on campus or in the library. Hopefully this all will be possible again soon, but untill then studying at home will stay important.

But how can you transform your student room into a comfortable studyplace? Masterstudent Daniël Hesselman (Industrial Design) did a research about this. His advice? ‘Make sure you cross a line between your studyplace and the rest of your room. You have to be able to conclude your workday, even if you can’t leave the room.

You can find Daniëls full advice (five tips) on the website of Delta. https://www.delta.tudelft.nl/article/studeren-coronatijd-vijf-tips-voor-een-goede-studieplek-huis

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