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Update coronavirus 6 March 2020

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We now also have to deal with infections in the Netherlands. These infections also occur in the DUWO work area. The chance here is above average because it concerns an international group of people with corresponding travel behavior and also because our students often live close together.


DUWO has chosen to follow the guidelines of the Technical University in Delft as much as possible. These are the guidelines according to the RIVM, with additions. For example, our employees who have contact with customers on a daily basis, go home with symptoms of illness, regardless of where they have recently been. With this we want to prevent risk of contamination via and also for our employees. If the symptoms are not severe, they will work from home until further notice.

This means that DUWO is still accessible to customers and relations via all channels and that business will take place as usual. In addition, we prepare for future scenarios.

In the event of (suspected) infection in one of our complexes, the GGD is always leading and DUWO follows in the protocol. We will provide the best possible support and try to ensure that contact with stakeholders and residents in consultation with the GGD runs as smoothly as possible. The latter always depends on the degree of openness of the affected student himself due to the privacy legislation. We ask our students to share as much information as possible with us.

If there is a risk of contamination at our locations, we will also take measures there. We are currently preparing for a scenario where offices will close. The priority here is to maintain customer contact in alternative ways.

If something changes in the situation, we will publish on this website.

In the meantime, we continue to advise everyone to wash hands regularly, sneeze into the inside of the elbow and to use paper tissues to blow the nose and throw it away immediately.

We advise anyone who has health issues themselves to contact the doctor directly by telephone.

General information about the coronavirus can be found at: www.rivm.nl/coronavirus/covid-19