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This is how foreign students find accommodation in the Netherlands!

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Great, you’re going to study in the Netherlands! But how do you get student accommodation? There’s a number of options for acquiring accommodation as a foreign student in the Netherlands. However, because this information is sometimes difficult to find, here’s a list of all the possibilities needed to help you move forward.



Accommodate consists of furnished and unfurnished rooms reserved by educational and scientific institutions for their students and guests and located in Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Delft, Haarlem, The Hague and Leiden. You can reserve an Accommodate room if the educational institution has granted you permission to do so. In order to do this, you must register via your educational institution. Allocation is based on a ‘first reserved, first served’ system.


Register with ROOM.nl

ROOM.nl is an online platform for student accommodation in the Netherlands. Various providers put their accommodation online here. You pay a one-off €35 registration fee and you can then react to all the student accommodation offers for the next eight years. Accommodation is allocated on the basis of the length of your registration period. Please bear in mind that there’s a long waiting list. As a foreign student it’s a good idea to sign up here if you plan to stay for a long period, so that you can build up your registration period. In the meantime keep looking for temporary accommodation via other channels.



Whenever a room becomes available in a students' residence or block of student apartments, the existing residents are allowed to select their new housemate. This procedure is called voting in (also known as: candidating or co-opting). On the ‘offer approvals’ page you can apply for rooms without registering for anything. Of course you have to enter your details to be invited to one of the introduction evenings. The existing residents meet several candidates that evening for the accommodation that’s become available.  At the end of the evening they decide which candidate would be best suited for the room.


Direct offers

DUWO also has temporary rooms that can be rented immediately in Amsterdam, The Hague and Leiden. These rooms are furnished and can be rented for a minimum short stay of 15 days up to a maximum of 12 months. There is also temporary accommodation available in Wageningen. These rooms can be rented for a period of 7 days up to a maximum of 6 months. You can see what’s on offer on the ‘immediate offers’ page. This can offer an excellent temporary solution if you need a room in a hurry and you’ve not yet built up much of a registration period at ROOM. Therefore, make sure that you are registered with ROOM in the meantime so that you can start building up your registration period giving you a better chance of later acquiring a room in this way.


Facebook pages

Finally a useful tip: keep an eye on Facebook pages such as ‘Kamer Community Amsterdam’ and ‘Room in Amsterdam’. You’ll regularly find accommodation offered on these pages. Perhaps you’ll find your new accommodation in the Netherlands on social media!