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Sustainability-minded tenants with warm sweaters

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A survey among DUWO tenants shows that nearly 70 percent of the respondents consider themselves (very) sustainability-minded and are willing to wear a warm sweater to save energy…

A total of almost 1,100 students in DUWO housing completed the survey on sustainability. Responding to the question whether they considered themselves sustainability-minded, over 68 percent gave themselves a score of 7 out of 10, or higher. Very few tenants, 11.7 percent, gave themselves a failing grade for sustainability.   

The degree to which the tenants (say they) are sustainability-minded is also reflected in their answers to other questions. For example, they do not think that a reduction in housing costs would be the main reason to let a sustainable home. Nearly 50% say that their main reason is to combat climate change. Only 13.8% considers lower housing costs a major reason.

The three most important measures many of them take to save energy are: wearing a warm sweater, not turning up the heating, and turning off the lights (70-85%). Approximately 65% of tenants also turn off their devices when not in use, but only 33% take shorter showers.

Most of them (85%) want DUWO to let sustainable housing, but only a quarter of them are willing to pay a higher price for such housing, ranging from EUR 1 to 530(!). On average they are willing to pay about EUR 31 more.

Incidentally, the tenants rate DUWO as far less sustainable than they rate themselves. Over half gave their landlord a failing grade for sustainability. Just under 20 percent gave DUWO a good or excellent grade. 

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