[Translate to Engels:] Ook in DUWO huizen binnenkort weer Stukafest

Stukafest is also approaching in DUWO housing


Stukafest, the Student Room Festival, will descend upon us again in February. Student rooms as theatre venues and concert halls, in DUWO student housing as well.

From 6 to 28 February, the student rooms in 13 cities will be transformed into small theatres and concert halls, where one can enjoy a lot of theatre, music, dance, film, cabaret and poetry performances between the study books and beer crates. As was the case in previous years, different DUWO student flats in Leiden and Delft will take part in Stukafest: five student rooms in flats in Leiden and eight in flats in Delft.

Stukafest has been around since 2001. Initially it only took place in Nijmegen, but in 2007 it began expanding to other student cities. The festival is on different dates in different cities.


For many years, DUWO tenants in Delft and Leiden have made their rooms available for Stukafest. In Leiden, Stukafest will take place on Thursday, 7 and Friday, 8 February. In participating DUWO houses you can go to see: the Amsterdam jazz band BRUUT in Nieuwe Rijn 12, a selection of the best short films from the Leiden International Film Festival in Witte Singel 99, flamenco guitarist Marnix Alexander DuCrock in Houtstraat 3, Singer PYN and band in Morsweg 52, and a theatre performance by poet René Oskam in Hooigracht 39.


In Delft, Stukafest will take place on Wednesday, 27 February. The programme in participating DUWO houses: singer Daniel Cane in Oost-Indiëplaats 81-87, a lay down concert by music performer Fabienne Roos in Oost-Indiëplaats 23, the Delft Improv Group with a humorous show by international students in Oude Delft 15, the dance collective Error 404 in Bagijnhof 65-83, singer-songwriter Glenn Foreman in Bagijnhof 191, five-member live band Moon Moon Moon in Bagijnhof 141-159, the theatre performance TG Alles Valt in Bagijnhof 17, and jazz-funk band Wakki in Oost-Indiëplaats 67.

Of course, there are many other (non-DUWO) homes where the door is opened to the public during Stukafest, both in Leiden and In Delft.

Other participating student cities are: Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Groningen, Eindhoven, Middelburg, Zwolle, Enschede. Tickets are available for a single performance or for an evening (three performances). Would you like to know more? Please visit www.stukafest.nl.

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