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Dealing with the corona virus


The corona virus can’t be missed. DUWO also recieves questions. How do we assess the situation? What measures are we going to take?

We are currently in close contact with the Dutch Health Service GGD. They have given advice based on the current situation. For now no additional measures are required with regard to students travelling tot he Netherlands. The measures only apply to people from Wuhan in China. They are currently not allowed to travel, so the chance that they are currently entering the DUWO homes is minimal. If they originally come from the area, but have already started traveling earlier, the risk is also minimal, because the maximum incubation time is 14 days. DUWO does not currently advise tenants to travel to China.

Wearing mouth caps is not necessary in mutual contact. This would mainly cause unrest at the moment. In the event of a real risk of contamination, the caps only work if they meet the "FFP2" standard and are worn by the person traveling in.

Also, shaking hands does not present any additional risk. It is generally advisable to wash your hands regularly. If you prefer not to shake hands while greeting others, you can, for example, do a "boxing" or make a gesture with your hand on the heart and a short nod.

We will continue to follow the situation closely and we will remain in close contact with the GGD about any new developments in the coming period. If there are any new developments at DUWO, we will publish them on this website. The most up-to-date information about the corona virus can be found on the RIVM website:



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