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Need a temporary room soon?

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Do you need a temporary room because, for example, you will be doing an internship? DUWO lets a limited amount of student rooms that are not subject to the waiting time.

This concerns the so-called Direct Offers, offers for temporary fully furnished student rooms. They are only available to Dutch or international full-time students, interns and PhD students. International students who can already reserve an Accommodate room via their educational institution are not eligible.

Direct Offer rooms can be let in Amsterdam, The Hague and Leiden for a period of at least 15 days up to one year. In Wageningen, it is even possible to let a Direct Offer for a period of at least 7 days. The maximum letting period there is six months.

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The rental prices of the Direct Offers in Amsterdam, The Hague and Leiden are between EUR 350 and 500, depending on the surface area. Tenants of these rooms share the facilities with house mates. Occasionally, larger independent houses are also available, but these are more expensive. The housing in Wageningen is more expensive as well. Their rental price starts at EUR 22 per day. 

To view the available Direct Offers, you don't need to be registered with DUWO. They can be viewed by anyone. If you would like to reserve a room, however, you must register. The rooms in Amsterdam, The Hague and Leiden can be found here. The rooms in Wageningen can be found on the duwowageningen.nl website.