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Meelfabriek Leiden: Respond now to this exceptional opportunity

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Advertisements for the first new apartments at the Meelfabriek in Leiden are now online: multi-room apartments in a category A location for around EUR 600, including possible housing benefits.

DUWO has already started renting out the new apartments on the redeveloped Meelfabriek site in Leiden. Fifty-eight different types of accommodation have been built here over the last 18 months: some studios and 2-person apartments, fifty-two 3-person apartments, and even one 4-person apartment. Rents range from €539 to €727 (including service costs, TV, and internet), plus the possibility of receiving housing benefits. Advertisements for the first 14 units are now online at ROOM.nl. In mid-October, new accommodation at the Meelfabriek will appear again. These will once more be shown on the DUWO website, so watch out for further information if you want to become eligible.


Living in an exceptional location

The accommodation is really exceptional because there is more than one room for a relatively low rent and they are located in a very special location just on the edge of the city centre. The Meelfabriek location is a former industrial complex dating back to 1884 (a former flour mill, once the largest in all of the Netherlands) that has been redeveloped by various parties, including DUWO. The student accommodation represents the first new housing development on the site. In addition, the site will include a high-rise block of flats, lofts, special commercial spaces, a parking garage, a garden, and a hotel.