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Large student complexes installing student vending machines

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Snacks, soft drinks, cycle lamps, rain ponchos, condoms, internet cables, lighters, etc. Student vending machines are now being installed at DUWO!

They’ve already been installed in Delft, but as of next week student vending machines will be installed at a number of the larger complexes in Amsterdam, The Hague, Leiden and Wageningen and include a useful range of products for busy students. When coming home after a long day of lectures you’ll be able to buy a little snack (most of them cost just one euro). Discover a broken cycle lamp when you’re about to set off one evening? Get one from the vending machine for just a couple of euros. And Accommodate students from far off who arrive without an internet cable will find one in the student vending machine for just five euros. Contactless payment via many payment systems.

Initial trial period

The vending machines are initially installed for a trial period. And if it proves successful, more will follow. The idea of the student vending machines came from a couple of former students, Jurriën Aalbers and Brian de Groot. While still studying, they set up a small company that provided student vending machines in student accommodation buildings. It appeared to be a great success. In the meantime student vending machines have been installed in Groningen, Utrecht, Wageningen, Ede and Nijmegen. The business they started, called DGA Vending, makes sure that students don’t have to worry about little pieces of essential equipment. Installation, maintenance and repairs, restocking, emptying and 24/7 availability for queries and breakdowns are all part of the service. Stock control is done remotely and the range of products can be adjusted on request.

Student vending machines?

By the way, the current range of snacks and soft drinks on offer are not particularly healthy. Another student housing association who installed the machines earlier received a number of comments about this. So if it turns out that students want healthier snacks, then the company will provide them. You never know, you may soon be able to get snack tomatoes out of the student vending machines...