Krelis Louwenstraat: the result of the fire safety inspection


In response to persistent concerns from residents on Krelis Louwenstraat, Mayor Femke Halsema has requested the fire brigade to conduct another fire safety inspection. The outcome of this inspection is that the complex meets all fire safety requirements.

The building meets all fire safety requirements

The building meets all fire safety requirements, both in terms of construction and installation technology. The fire brigade and the municipality announced this in a press release. The report shows that the fire alarm system (smoke detectors, slow whoops) functioned properly and the fire partitions closed automatically during the fire. There is a dry fire extinguisher and the lifts automatically go to the ground floor at the fire alarm, in accordance with regulations. DUWO informed the residents about the results in an email.

A shared responsibility

Experience shows that constructional and technical fire safety measures can never completely prevent a fire incident, but can limit it’s impact so far. These measures must go hand in hand with safe resident behaviour. One cannot exist without the other. DUWO therefore asks residents not to place papers, posters, furniture and other flammable items in public areas. That is also one of the comments made by the fire service in the report.

Fire on eighth floor

Last Friday a fire started on the eighth floor of the student flat. An inspection was carried out the same day by the fire brigade, police, DUWO and Building and Housing Inspectorate of the municipality. This already showed that the building meets all fire safety requirements. Based on that outcome, the complex has also been released for occupancy again, except for the homes that are uninhabitable due to fire and smoke damage.

Because the police take into account that this fire was started, fires were also attempted at various other locations in the flat and there may be an LGBTIQ+ related motive, it has been decided to take extra security measures both inside and outside the building. DUWO hopes that the perpetrator will be caught as soon as possible and asks residents and other involved parties to report to the police if they have a tip about the perpetrator.


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