‘Through the curfew’


The Indian student association in Delft (ISA) came up with the idea for a week of digital events under the name ‘Through the curfew’. Anyone can join.

After the pressure of exam weeks, it is time for some relaxation. Normally you visit ach other for a party at the student associations, in the city or at home. With the limitations of COVID-19 and the curfew in particular, none of that is possible and you have to be creative to have fun together. 


Every evening time for fun

ISA had ideas fort hat. By means of all kinds of fun joint activities they help their members, but also other students, through the curfew, as it were. All students can register, whether they are members or not. 

Pictionary, yoga, a photo competition, a digital think tank and an origami folding course are just a few of the activities. Every evening time for fun and the opportunity to get to know each other better outside of the lectures. 

Of course it cannot be compared to a ‘live’ party. But until that is possible again, it is these kinds of creative ideas that keep us going for a while. 

Check the program on the Instagram of ISA.

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