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Green energy label for three quarters of DUWO properties

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Three quarters of all DUWO properties now have a green energy label. This was stated in a recent report on sustainability.

For a number of years already, DUWO has been working with various initiatives to make its housing more sustainable. All these initiatives have recently been discussed in a comprehensive sustainability report. The report shows that 75 percent of DUWO housing is now sufficiently sustainable to earn a green energy label. Not surprisingly, this pertains in particular to new(er) complexes with self-contained homes. In Amsterdam, as much as 80% of the DUWO properties now have an A label.

Monumental buildings

The remaining houses, mostly rooms in older student complexes, do not yet have an energy label. Incidentally, these rooms did already receive a theoretical label. In practice, 55 percent of them would get a green label and only 28 percent would have to make do with a red label. All homes in The Netherlands must have a label that is more or less green (A, B or C) by 2023.

This doesn't just apply to monumental buildings. Since the currently used energy label is not tailored to such buildings, national, provincial and municipal monuments do not need a label. 3% of DUWO properties are considered a national monument.


Another encouraging finding in the recent report is that almost half of all DUWO housing is gas-free and of remaining housing, half can be converted into a gas-free home relatively easily.