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Free DIY box for student houses & giveaway!

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If you’re bored at home and you and your housemates want to get started with a major cleaning or DIY project then we have great news: DUWO provides you with the supplies for free!


The threat of the coronavirus has meant that we all spent a lot of time at home. Many see this as the time to do some chores around the house. At DUWO we want to encourage that, so that our students can still get something positive out of this annoying period. Studenthouses that are tired of sitting at home and want to get started can therefore request a free DIY box from us. They can also win a deep clean from a professional cleaning company that comes by after the crisis to clean the common living room and kitchen from top to bottom!

The DIY box, what’s in it?

In the free DIY box you will find paint, cleaning products and materials, such as paint brushes and covering plastig. The box will be delivered by the residential complex manager to the front door for free.

Be quick!

Recently you received an email from us explaining how to request the DIY box. Follow the instructions from that email and submit your request to us as soon as possible. We don’t have an infinite number of DIY boxes, so be quick.

Also win a free deep clean!

Do you and your housemates want to win a free deep clean of your common living room and kitchen from a professional cleaning company in addition to the free DIY package? Then send us a clear before & after photo of your project by email to your residential complex manager for a chance to win! The deep clean is of course only carried out once the threat of the corona virus has passed.