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DUWO provides accommodation for 9,200 students in the new academic year

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Student accommodation provider DUWO is putting a roof over the heads of almost 9,200 students during the 2018-2019 academic year.

This includes both domestic and international students.

There has been a substantial intake of tenants over the last few weeks arriving at DUWO’s student accommodation complexes. They were received by DUWO personnel at each of the locations where the accommodation provider operates. Amsterdam, Delft, The Hague, Leiden. Wageningen and Deventer.

Between June and the end of September, a total of around 9,200 rental agreements were signed. Most of the new tenants are based in Amsterdam. Over 3,700 rental agreements were in that city alone during the same period. At the same time in Delft, over 2,400 rental agreements were signed. By the end of September, more than 1,600 students in The Hague and almost 1,200 students in Leiden moved into DUWO accommodation. In Wageningen and Deventer, which together make up a smaller DUWO branch, 380 rental agreements were signed.

International students 

With the intake for the new academic year, DUWO traditionally provides accommodation for the majority of the international students who arrive en masse in August. Dutch students tend to move into DUWO accommodation throughout the year with a peak in the summer months.

The greatest pressure from the arrival of international students was felt in Amstelveen (a part of DUWO’s Amsterdam office) and Delft. DUWO tries to place these students in a central location whenever possible, as they often come straight from the airport. In both Amsterdam and Delft many different nationalities were observed, with students coming from Italy, Spain, the US, Mexico, Poland, East Asian countries, Germany, India, Pakistan, and many other places across the globe. Despite the jet lag, an air of enthusiasm and anticipation prevailed. The reception went really well: ‘When I initially arrived I found everything a little strange,’ said Tommaso from Italy. ‘But I really appreciated the welcome with somebody waiting to meet me who made me feel relaxed and at home right away. This gave me a really great feeling of being very welcome.’  

DUWO Amsterdam began accommodating 2,450 international students in the month of August. There were 1,440 international tenants in Delft, 1,229 in The Hague, 469 in Leiden, and 76 in Wageningen and Deventer. In total, DUWO signed over 5,660 rental agreements with international students in August. The accommodations were arranged through the students’ educational institutions, which have annual contracts with DUWO. To a large extent, such accommodations are furnished.

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