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Delft student complexes possibly gas-free in 15 years


Cooking on gas may soon become a thing of the past in Delft student complexes. Nearly three-quarters of the DUWO houses in Delft could be gas-free by 2035.

To that end, DUWO is participating in a cooperation that aims to realise a local heating grid in Delft. The construction of local heating grids in urban areas is urgently required, because it means that many properties can be made gas-free at relatively low costs. The Municipality of Delft and local corporations have plans for a heating grid that uses geothermal energy (or ground source heat) from the TU district. Furthermore, research is carried out to explore the possibility of using residual heat from the Port of Rotterdam.

Research already under way

DUWO has been busy researching whether the plans for its complexes are at all feasible. This concerns student complexes in the districts of Voorhof and its surroundings, Buitenhof, TU-Noord and TU-Midden. If everything goes according to plan, the tenants of 70% of the current DUWO properties in Delft will be heating their homes and cooking without gas in about 15 years.

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