Beer, BBQ – but stay friends with your neighbours


The coronavirus is not yet behind us, but we are now allowed to do more. The weather is great and the barbecue in the garden of your student house is calling you. But how do you stay friends with your neighbours?

After a long lockdown, and with the arrival of summer weather, everyone is ready for more fun. Certainly, young people have had to sacrifice a lot because of COVID-19. So it’s very understandable that our tenants want to get together more often outside while enjoying a fun barbecue.  

In recent weeks, students have more regularly been making use of the garden or their balcony, and this has increasingly led to complaints about noise and nuisances from neighbours and other people living nearby.  

Don’t be a nuisance for the neighbourhood 

DUWO has rules for this, the most important of which is "don’t be a nuisance for the neighbourhood". Our managers are continuously in discussion with tenants to limit nuisance. We encourage tenants to remain in dialogue and to make agreements on, for example, when the music will be turned off. It will make a big difference if people living nearby know what to expect.  

Coronavirus rules: four people or own household 

Of course, the coronavirus rules are still in effect at this time. Since 5 June you may get together with four people or with your own household. Larger groups are not yet allowed.  

In this period when we are slowly regaining more freedom, it is important that we continue to talk with and respect each other. In extreme cases DUWO can take action, but we would much rather encourage dialogue with the neighbourhood. We continue to be in close consultation with our tenants.  

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