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Additional income through Airbnb? Don’t fall for it!


Through websites like Airbnb and Wimdu - profit organisations - individuals can rent out a room, house or guest bed to tourists.

The popularity of these websites is increasing and many cities are trying to find their feet with this new form of rental. Student housing corporations like DUWO also have to deal with this phenomenon: students who are renting out their house of room through Airbnb or Wimdu.

This may seem like a nice revenue for a student: during the week you are living in your room, but during the weekend you are elsewhere so you could be renting out your room. But if you are doing this, you have to realise you are guilty of illegally renting out your house. DUWO acts strongly against illegal subletting: in such a case DUWO terminates the tenancy agreement and the tenant can be fined for € 10,000.
DUWO tries very hard to offer students affordable, safe and good accommodation. We want to play a leading role in the reduction of housing shortage and we want to offer a roof to as many students (Dutch and international) as possible through affordable accommodation that lives up to the current expectations. We don’t want students renting their house through to tourists while (partly) not using their room or making profit from the relatively low rental price they are paying.

In certain cases and with certain conditions you are allowed to rent out (part) of your accommodation to third parties. For example, a subtenant (nearly) always needs to be a full-time student. So don’t rent out your room through Airbnb or Wimdu. Check for the conditions under which you can sublet your room legally!

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