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Accomodation at Uilenstede: completely modernized and still affordable


More and more of the relatively cheap student accommodation at Campus Uilenstede is being given a serious upgrade.

And it’s still affordable. Renovations to the third large multi-storey building are now being carried out.

Campus Uilenstede dates back to the 1960s. Because student accommodation requirements were completely different back then, the campus has undertaken substantial refurbishments, as well as the construction of many new buildings with modern student accommodation. The existing accommodation in the old campus complexes are rapidly being modernised and made more comfortable. But these upgrades do not affect the rent: the completely renovated accommodation remains affordable for the smaller student budgets.

Half of the Green Tower has been renovated so far. The other half will be done next year.

Photo: upgrade at Uilenstede Campus to modern and comfortable accommodation.

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