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'Vacancy of student rooms blatant nonsense'


The number of students living in rented rooms has never been greater. The demand for student housing in many cities is still high.

For example, in Amsterdam there are 9,000 students without a room. One possible effect of the new measures on student grants in the Netherlands may be that students are moving to a student room later or less. Kences had this examined by ABF. The exact results are presented on 1 October at the Landelijk Congres Studentenhuisvesting [National Student Housing Congress]. It is already known that the number of students living away from home will at the most decrease by 13,000 in eight years. In perspective, that is a decrease of 6%. And this contrasts sharply with the rates of 50% that are currently listed in the media. Jan Benschop, director of student housing corporation DUWO, says these signals about a possible vacancy of student rooms are 'blatant nonsense'. Benschop is alluding to a publication by ING, which contains exaggerated conclusions.

Please refer to the Dutch text for the complete article.

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